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In most traditional monitoring systems time is not used efficiently. In order to reflect customer needs in an IT business environment as quickly as possible and to minimize the resulting service response time, it is essential that standard and integrated data are available to assist operators in each segment in efficient communication.

  • Solution verified by large manufacturers, financial and public institutions
  • Essential solution for DevOps monitoring environment
  • WEB-WAS-DB integrated monitoring solution

MaxGauge for Java is a performance management solution for WAS middleware-based web applications, JAVA daemon applications, and .NET-based applications. It enables you to monitor and analyze application performance at all stages, from development to performance testing, application launching and continuous stabilization. In particular, it is the only solution that enables detailed WEB-WAS-DB session linkage analysis.

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  • Web
  • WAS
  • TP Monitor
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MaxGauge for Java is designed with a stable and proven architecture that can scale horizontally even when controlling large-scale systems in finance, the public sector, communications, and manufacturing. In particular, it provides the fastest detection of performance degradation and bottlenecks for real-time transactions, and the root cause of problems when they occur.

  • WAS-DB Real-time Integration
    The cause of the delayed query can be identified by simultaneous integration of the active transaction from WAS and the session information from DB
  • Topology View
    Understand the status of real-time transaction processing between all system nodes and monitor external linkage service connected with WAS.
  • Transaction Path View
    Identify the delay intuitively through the individual transaction unit path flow and the interval (WEB-WAS-DB) response time
  • Memory leaks tracking
    Tracking / Analyzing Memory Leaks in Transaction-Triggered Collection Objects
  • Ranking analysis
    Analysis of the changing status of SQL and transaction execution by day / period
  • Root Cause Analysis
    Intuitive UI for root cause analysis and performance issues with just a few clicks
  • Transaction snapshot information in seconds
    Collect / store active transactions and status information in seconds
  • Professional database monitoring
    Provides the same expert DB performance information as MaxGauge.



Tech Spec

Web Browser
Browser : Chrome 52 or higher (mobile version not available)
Resolution : 1600 x 1200
InterMax Server
OS : Windows 7/8/10, Server 2003/2008/2012 (32/64bit), Linux Kernel 2.x/2.x x86 (32/64bit)
DB : Postgresql v9.4.1, Oracle 11gR2, MS-SQL 2008 R2
CPU : 8Core (recommended) / 4Core (minimum)
RAM : 16GB (recommended) / 8GB (minimum)
DISK : changed according the number of monitoring target instance.(100GB minimum)
JAVA : 1.8 Version or higher
WEB Support Environment
OS : AIX 5.x or higher (32/64bit), HP-UX IA64, Linux (32/64bit), Solaris SPARC (32/64bit), Solaris (x86/x64), Windows Server 2003 or higher (x86/x64)
Web Server : IIS 6.0 or higher, Apache 2.x or higher, WebtoB 4.x or higher
WAS Support Environment
OS : AIX 5.x or higher (32/64bit), HP-UX IA64, Linux (32/64bit), Solaris SPARC(32/64bit), Solaris (x86/x64), Windows Server 2003 or higher (x86/x64)
Application Server : WebLogic 10.x or higher, WebSphere 6.1 or higher, JEUS 5.x or higher, Tomcat 5.x or higher, Oracle Application Server (OC4J), Resin 3.x or higher, JBoss 5.x or higher, GlassFish 2.x or higher (JDK 1.5 or higher)
Support DB : Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Tibero, MongoDB, MariaDB, etc
.NET Support Environment
OS : Windows Server 2003 or higher (x86/x64 included)
Web Server : IIS 6.0 or higher
Application Server : .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
Support DB : Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2
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Real-time monitoring with dashboard, topology views and transaction path views
"Internet banking service is an important service for our customer's finances, so management of related systems is very important. In addition, issues such as interlocking transactions with other banks are generated in real time, so if we do not pay attention to this monitoring, our customer satisfaction level will drop significantly."
Real-time monitoring view
Transaction pass view
Improved real-time monitoring and management capabilities
MaxGauge for Java collects real-time performance data for all running WAS (JAVA daemons). It also provides a warning alarm with cause analysis in the event of a failure. Users can freely configure key performance indicators and easily monitor and respond to service operation status through real-time trend alarms and patterns.
Real-time individual transaction processing flow
MaxGauge for Java automatically locates and displays service flows between WASs (JAVA daemons) of individual transactions, allowing intuitive insight into where the delays occurred. Therefore, by tracking performance by tier and monitoring response time by interval for transactions with other transactions such as account transfers, you can immediately identify the segments that have adverse effects on the service.
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Transaction performance management and root cause analysis of operating systems
"Suddenly, in the event of a serious failure that slows or stops service response time, it is often difficult to find the cause. It is time-consuming to analyze the log of the solution data and equipment, and if multiple systems are connected, there is a limit to diagnosing the root cause of the failure."
Topology view
Understand the operation status of integrated system
MaxGauge for Java enables real-time monitoring of system operations for JAVA-based environments. In addition, through the Transaction Path, Call Tree, and Execution SQL for individual transactions, when a performance delay occurs, it is easy to analyze the delay of transaction processing and find its origin and cause. The topology view provides real-time detection of errors and tracking of unfinished transactions to facilitate analysis and response to system failures.
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